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nails mega post

collection of all my nail sets starting september of 2023. cost n stuff included.


september 2 2023 i paid 90$ for removal and new full set!!! wanted to match my phone more but i got these done by a diff girl than my usual :(


september 15 2023 i paid 45$ and tipped 10$ i could tell my girl wasnt feeling great ! i wanted some nails to go w my dragon outfit for a ren faire she killed it (sorry abt the lotion lol)


october 3 and 4 2023. i did the design myself a day after so i only paid 40$ including tip. also not done by my normal girl bc i went early before work


october 30 2023. i literally put these off so long, i got them shorter than normal to do the round shape i wanted on the bunny. these ones were 45$


december 4 2023. i went w this bc i wanted something glittery for the winter season but i dont like xmas so i didnt want anything festive at all. i paid 45$ sorry for bad pics i didnt get a normal oneĀ 


january 4 2024. omggg i love theseĀ  pics cant do it justice its so pretty and distracting esp under direct light. i also paid 45$ for these. my next set is gonna be brand new yay


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Ooh pretty! Very y2k

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thank uu

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