People Are Watering Down The Meaning Of "Hate Speech"

I feel like a lot of people are watering down the meaning of hate speech.
Often when I see people questioning certain things or why they disagree with something, like for example transgender, instead of getting any actual answers to clear up the confusion, they're labeled as a transphobe with some claiming that their post is hate speech.

A person discussing why they disagree with the idea of transgender or questioning the idea is not hate speech.

A person saying "all trans folk are groomers and deserve to die" is hate speech.

I'd also like to add on that there's tons of other words that I feel are being watered down or being used incorrectly as well. For example, I've often noticed that the words "Nazi" and "fascist" are used incorrectly and people just simply use them to mean racists, homophobes, etc. Yes, Nazis were definitely racist, but it's not the other way around in the current world. People are using those words incorrectly and are basically dissolving the actual meaning of those words.

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Because people like to use buzz words at any given opportunity to make a big deal about anything they do particularly like or want to deal with

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i dont call everything transphobia, like if you have a question about trans people, ill answer it. but too often i see people giving opinions on it when they have NO IDEA what theyre talking about, making them just sound like complete assholes

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i get called a facist and shit daily but what would happen if i started being racist hrmmmm

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♰ Lindsey

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This has been infuriating me for a while now, I feel like I can't ask questions nor say my opinion of things without being told I'm a fascist? Internet has warped the minds of most young people, it's very sad.

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Mhm, it is sad. It's also infuriating that it feels like people aren't very open to different perspectives or opinions.

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