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(09/07)- a month away, what happened | entry #10

hello friends :-)

how are you all doing? i've been gone for quite a while! 

i didn't expect to be gone for this long, so i'm sorry for my absence!
my job and the start of school has been wrecking my self esteem and pretty much any free time i have... and my mental problems don't necessarily help, but that's not really a valid argument.

another reason i couldn't really be as active as i wanted to be is that my laptop broke! can you believe that!
i dropped it and part of the screen broke, so i had to send it in for a good couple weeks until i got it back (which fyi was TODAY!!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!)
i have a couple things being shipped in the mail right now, but the only interesting one of note is that i figured out what kind of glass cup yandere dev used for his c-m chalice video, and i bought one >:-) i plan 2 recreate the legendary video one day..... mwahahahaha.

senior year is more nerve-wracking than i was anticipating, to be fully honest with you all! i was expecting it to be what i had been dealing with for the year or so prior, with it just being kinda stressful sometimes, but not crushing on my self esteem and everything. however, that turned out to be my biggest mistake EVR!!!! i fell behind within the first two weeks, and i'm still kinda trying to catch up on everything. it's kind of a shame 504 plans don't work for virtual school, haha. honestly ASL is the one kicking my ass the hardest, so i'm trying to study (<- does not know how to study)

not much else has been going on with me to be honest! i've been getting paid and buying toro media whenever i can to dump online for preservation, i bought a figure of the spot from the new spiderverse film, and i purchased an i-cat a few months ago! i plan on buying a white one to go along with it so i can have a mock toro and kuro for when i start streaming (delusion)
while yes, i could mention the sadder parts of my life like learning that my coworkers misgender me on purpose rather than on accident, i'm here to sit back and relax from all of that. it stings a lot, sure, but i've gone through it before. i'm tough! if i have to face it head-on, so be it >:-)

an image of a black hasbro i-cat and a person in the background of the image. that's me, by the by.
there it is! (and me in the background! say hi, diiv!)

that's pretty much it for my life up until now. hectic in some parts, but average in others. i feel like that's a good way to describe me, honestly. i'm nervous about graduation and my grades considering it's so close (don't even get me started on college...), but at the same time i'm just a simple guy cruising through life, playing pokemon on his nintendo 3ds. and when the sun sets and the day is all over, isn't that all that matters? i think so, at least.

until next time,
    your best friend diiv :-)

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okay just checked for fun at my old blog entries and i used that exact ending phrase at the nd of my last blog post omg i need to have a hit put on me or something...

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