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AboutMe Survey!!♡

mix of ab me survey questions yaya

name: Toure

nickname: faggot idk

age: 16

relationship status: single

fashion style: babybat but wannabe romantic goth

zodiac sign: cancer (idk specific risings n wjatever💔)

current location: Engerland whey

eye colour: brown

hair colour: black

hair type: straight

height: 5'5/5'6

heritage: english

middle name: Lily

shoes you wore today: none toesies were freed today

your weakness: hot women

your fear: getting lost

best physical feature: i like my eyes 

pepsi or coke: dont dox me i think they taste too similar to prefer one

mcdonalds or burgerking: burgi king

biggest pet peeve: sneezing w/o covering ur mouth

do you drink: yea

ever been drunk: not yet

do you smoke: nu uh

do you 'smoke': nu uh not yet

do you sing: only at karaoke w friends

do you want to go to college: am at college

do you want/have tattoos: want a few in the future‼️

do you want/have piercings: only have basic ear piercings but want some sort of mouth and another ear one(mayb industrial??)

current fav song: Heavy Metal Lover- LadyGaga

current fav band/artist: The Sisters of Mercy

current fav movie: saw (only watched 1 n 2 so far)

current fav series/show: All of Us Are Dead

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