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so I wanted to go to the school football game alone cause I figured it wouldn’t be that crowded or loud yk (never been to one before due to severe social anxiety disorder) but anyways I felt my high school experience was passing by me cause I am a senior this year and I haven’t done anything like that before and I won’t be able to after this year. Well, my dad asked me “you’re not going to shoot up the school are you?” I was SHOCKED to say the least, cause WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? I was also really hurt cause they actually see me as a killer..? Even though I have done nothing to deserve that especially from my parents. Well anyways, my dad explained to me today why he thought I was going to shoot up the school football game and it’s cause “I show all the signs of a school shooter” “I’m weird, odd, different, depressed, wear black, not many friends, and I was going to do something I never do alone…” and I genuinely don’t know how to react or anything to it cause like….my parents actually view me that way?

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what typa dad bruh ...

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your dad needs to fuck off cuz what

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I'm sorry to hear that. As a parent, they should be proud of you for going out to express yourself.

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Ur dad sounds like an asshole, don't let that old fuck drag u down

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I'm really sorry this happened, it sucks that people automatically assume someone is dangerous based on how they look and things like that :(

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I'm a freak, I'm a loser,
Gonna be a school shooter.

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Shit man that sucks ass but I can relate :/ hoping they cut that shit out

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that actually fucking sucks u dont deserve this omg...

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damn.. i’m sorry that happened to you dude… that’s messed up on a whole other level… just because you have those traits doesn’t mean a damn thing… i’m so sorry dude

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Jesus that’s mean. Some bitch said I looked like a school shooter in high school but I can’t imagine my own parents saying something like that. I’m sorry.

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I am also a senior and my dad has said things like this to me before. It does hurt because its a very sensitive subject. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

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Yes, parents do that, they say things, and it affects us while they forget it the next day. I hope you get well soon

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sorry for the bad english

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idk maybe wear trench coat trust me

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Dude parents so weird (ugh sound like stereotypical teenager kms) my dad asked once if theres anyone at school i like or i wanna kiss very weird in my opinion.

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my dad wanted full-blown naked pictures of my classmates

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literally all my friends at school have said i look like 1,,, i understand the struggle lolz

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join the club. ((jkkk but ive been called a school shooter before when i was in HS oof))
parents def have a weird way of expressing they care sometimes Dx

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During freshman year got pulled aside by security guards while on the phone with my therapist because they thought I was a school sh00terthey questioned me and searched my bag. I was wearing a black hoodie with a black medical mask. :| Some people think anyone who wears black is more likely to be evil. I hope they realize real life ≠ cartoons. I’m sorry your dad said that.

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yeah, the people who actually shoot up schools are the fucking yeehaw shits

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what the fuck?? was this a fucked up joke or did he actually mean it???

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first he told me it was a joke then a day later he explained he wasn’t joking and he was 100% serious and genuinely worried

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