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song recs :)

leather daddy - microwave

cutting and jarringly raw, this song was my introduction to microwave as a band. i'd liken the sound of it to radiohead but for more-manic-less-depressed (and younger) incels. i say all of this lovingly of course - this is one of my favorite songs at the minute. the song sonically matches the dread and quiet guilt oozing through the lyrics, as shown in lines like "i don't know if we'll ever be sober again" and "i don't have anywhere to go". great for feeding your dejected moods or contemplating the shameful reality of your past mistakes. 

snitches and talkers get stitches and walkers - fall out boy

this one was originally written for from under the cork tree and was scrapped by the band because they thought it sounded too much like a my chemical romance song. i honestly don't hear it at all, but i can see what they were getting at. the song abandons the famous "fall out boy" sound present in every song thus far on the album. however i'm partial to this sound for the band. i think it really works for them, especially in the cork tree era. i don't think i've ever seen this song mentioned much less talked about in fall out boy fan spaces. definitely deserves more recognition. 

manchester super reds no.1 fan - don broco 

ever-aggressive (and real as fuck), don broco use the metaphor of sports superfans as a way to criticize their own. with lines like "i like to fuck the world then save the earth", don broco calls out the clashing duality of their fans' desires. outside of this metaphor, the song makes you feel very "toxic masculinity kyle who punches drywall" in the best way possible. it's energizing, fun, and doesn't take itself too seriously. if read simply as commentary on the fan culture around sports, the song even has a comedic side to it. surface level crazy as fuck and becomes genius upon further thought. 

memphis - kitten

i have a veryyy strong trauma bond (/j) with this song. it's planning to run away as a teenager to  leave your childhood behind. it's fulfilling these plans as an adult, just not with the people who you expected. kitten details the humanity of failed relationships on the way towards won ones on memphis. the seemingly melodramatic (yet peaceful and vibey) instrumental makes room for the lyrical repetition to dig into the listener. "i bet you'll never come back to memphis" / "bet you didn't have that one in memphis" / "you'll never come back to memphis" / we'll never go back to memphis". i like to read this song as a promise to never return to the places that hurt you, whether that place is physical or otherwise. going from "you'll never come back" to "we'll never go back" through the course of the song showcases the speaker's victory in getting out and never looking back, whether that be getting out of a relationship or a place.  

speed round:

hiding with the boys - creeper 

sugar coated - heart attack man

a gentlemen caller - cursive

make war - bright eyes

hate yourself - tv girl

hate the living, love the dead - misfits

d.o.g. - vincente void

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