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Okay 1. I got hired so Japan progress is progressing. 2. Got cute barbie girl. 3. Found free smoothie coupon. 4. Exploring abandoned movie theature soon. 5. Got something I wanted. 6. Getting vlogging camera for Christmas. 7. Said the most inspirational mlkjr. Type quote of my life and someone said they liked my mind and I said another one to someone else and they told me I made them cry and they appreciate me. 8. Best grades of my life seince elementary. 9.Instead of being running away type rebellious, I convinced my older sibling (idk how) to secretly plan for us to get a cat. Plan below;

First we r picking up the cat on my sister's way to work then dropping it of on my VERY KIND AND HELPFIL AND AMAZING AWESOME FRIEND'S house and she kindly offered to flea bath her for us and we r gonna pick her up on our way home then text mu mom and say "you won't believe what we just found on the side of rhe road" and send her the cutest kitten pictures she's seen in her life so she can't say no and then if she does well be like too late we alr bought stuff and she's gonna be like you did frigging what and plan succeeded new kitty

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