Self Diagnosis Aren't "Valid"

Even if you think you've done "enough research", you should be seeking for a professional's opinion. Also it's likely that you have some sort of bias about it.

Self diagnosis is harmful to those who actually experience the disorders. A lot of the folks who self diagnose seem to hold the wrong idea about what said-disorder is and they end up contributing to the stigma around it.

So please don't self diagnose and actually get a professional's opinion before claiming you have it.

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Idk man, I get where you're coming from but again as you've already heard some people simply cannot get proffesionaly diagnosed because of financial cost, or the " professionals" simply being sexist and racist. I feel like self diagnosis is the first step you can take as long as you don't use social media to do your research. If the only self diagnosis people you know are the obviously faking it from tik tok and think that's how every self diagnosis person acts then im sorry but you're simply wrong about the "self diagnosis people exaggerate their symptoms".

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i agree and disagree, for some people its harder to get a professional diagnoses for many reasons such as sex, race or financial reasons and obviously a lot more. i find it irritating when i see people self diagnose themselves with bpd mainly as i see its people around the age of 14 while bpd traits can start at that age so does puberty and a lot of the traits of bpd can be mistaken with that and i think its harmful for young people to somewhat convince themselves that they have certain disorders and end up mimicking these traits and really believing they have these disorders when they dont .. soz if this is worded awfully ^__^

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I get what you're saying, but a lot of time professionals opinions are too expensive to get. Self diagnosis is also the first step to getting an actual diagnosis. I think a good video on the topic is the video "TikTok Gave Me Autism: The Politics of Self Diagnosis" by Alexander Avila. It helped me understand more about it all.

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As someone who's diagnosed, I really don't appreciate people self diagnosing because most of the time I can tell they're exaggerating (faking) the symptoms and trying to be quirky with it which I feel adds stigma and makes the disorders more misunderstood. Yes, it's fine to say "I suspect that I have this", however before people claim that they actually have it, they need to get an actual diagnosis.

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