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QnA me? please?

i’m alittle silly, i like when people ask me personal questions abt myself that i can answer so can someone pls ask a few questions? 

this is like a get 2 know me !

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Ellie⊹₊ ⋆ (medic's wife💯)

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winter or summer :3

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summer ALL THE WAY!!

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What are some of ur favorite songs ? :3

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blue velvet by bobby vinton, popular by nada surf, and harvey by alex g :3
also every modern baseball song ever

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Omg that’s so cool! I love the song Harvey! :3

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1) do you happen to be queer?
2) what's your favorite animal?
3) what's your favorite sweet thing? If you don't like sweet things it can be anything that you consider a 'treat' :)

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1. yes! very much!
2. cat :3
3. i like a lot of drinks so pretty much anything you can drink- really big on smoothies and lemonade

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Awesome! What are your pronouns? Mine are he/they :)

by Rolo; ; Report

not sure tbh, i went by they but people just use she on me so i give up

by genevieve; ; Report

Would you prefer they? :)

by Rolo; ; Report

doesn’t matter lol :3

by genevieve; ; Report

ok lol :3

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leigh ౨ৎ

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i know this is realllyyyty late but i wanna ask sone questions !! :3

what’s your favorite color?
if you had to revive one person, who would it be and why?
have you seen any bands live? and who would you love to see play live?

okay, that’s all for now! :)

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actually tysm it’s really embarrassing having this be so empty!!

1. orange !

2. could it be an animal? i want my old cat garfield back so i could know him longer! if not an animal, then i have no clue :P

3. i’ve seen arctic monkeys and slaughter beach dog, but i would really wanna see modern baseball play live

thanks again!

by genevieve; ; Report

omg ur so lucky for being able to see slaughter beach, dog!!!!! i’ve always wanted to see them live :,D

by leigh ౨ৎ; ; Report

it was really beautiful but the light made their faces too dark to see! and i stood in the very front hehe

by genevieve; ; Report