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my crazy sleeping patterns and random stuff

I always fall asleep at 5-7 a.m. and wake up at 2-8 p.m. Im actually nocturnal. But anyways, since school starts Tuesday I was like "I gotta fix this." So in my attempt to "fix" it, I decided I was going to just sleep until 8 a.m. the next day. In my attempt to do so, I fell asleep at 5 a.m. only to wake up around 8:30 p.m. THE NEXT DAY. which ended up in a total of like 39 hours of sleep (I woke up like 5 times then went back to sleep idk why), but the crazy thing is this isn't even like the first time this has happened. Once in grade school, I fell asleep on my couch Saturday and woke up like an hour later on Sunday, but I thought I only slept an hour until I got yelled at that I slept enough already by my mom. And supposedly this has been an issue since I was born, in which I was taken to the hospital like twice because there was thought to be something wrong with me. Also, I would add emojis but I'm lazy.

(ranting) I like saying "romantic" French words to people online but in reality, I'm telling them "Avoir, J'taime, mon petit toilette~ (insert winking kiss emoji that I'm too lazy to put)"

also, I wanna get a camera for Christmas so I can do youtube and a mic ig. I mean, I have like 50, and one is like an actual camera I could use, and one of the ones I was looking at, and now that I'm typing this I should probably just use that camera.

another thing is I think I have some like mental disability, like idk I got ADHD or sumn but even if I do have sumn like that I'm not taking meds because they all sound like they just make your life suck.

I am eating wheat saltine crackers and god are they straight fire with apple butter also I wanna go snowboarding and I am gonna go to Russia, Canada, China, and maybe some country up north like Switzerland or Iceland or Denmark actually I'm gonna go to all those too and Ireland because why tf not, also Im gonna learn all their languages too and why not add Taiwan to the list too. I think when I settle down though I'm gonna stay in Canada. Tbh idk how people can just have boring 9-5 jobs and that's it like how about you go ahead and become a professional in some random sport, a singer, artist, travel, maybe a 9-5 job for a bit, move to the west and be a farmer for a bit, go to one or two prestigious colleges that looks like a castle, learn a few languages, make hella friends, and just enjoy shit rather than waiting for your stupid vacation to come so that way you have time to get a surgery to fix your stupid carpel tunnel from screwing the same screw in a GM assembly line for 8 hours every day ultimately waisting like a fourth of your life. Like I get it's hard but I'd rather work hard and live like the 1st option rather than the second. And I don't mean to be like dissing everyone especially since ik people enjoy those jobs sometimes. I'm just saying don't do that if you don't enjoy it.

(kinda feel bad for typing all that or whatever but i said what I said ig)

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