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Dealing with not so gentle days -Mental health awareness-


❤️‍🩹Dealing with no so gentle days❤️‍🩹

Be it cause of trauma coming back to you, a certain situation that triggered you/made you feel bad, emotional/mental exhaustesion and burnout, a certain interaction that you can't get out of your mind, a fear that became real, the build up of many small missteps, or your own mind playing you a bad joke and overwhelming you with bad thoughts; we've all felt like the simple act of getting up is extremely hard. That taking a full, deep liberating breath is nearly imposible. It feels like there's a big weigth right in the middle of your chest, and it feels like you aren't yourself anymore. You feel like a shell of what used to be your soul.

With time I've found different ways to make this type of days/weeks/months a bit gentler, and easier to handle. I don't think about these tips as some sort of magical fix, but they do help me and many other people to find a little bit of peace and feel at control when everything seems to be falling apart. 

🥀 Simple and accesible selfcare: 

- Open the windows. You need air and some sort of contact with the outside world, but I know that at our lowest point is hard to get out of our own "safety cave" (our room, house, etc.) So, opening the windows and letting some fresh air in it's more than enough. 

Drink water. I guess you hear this absolutely everywhere, but yeah, it's pretty much crucial for our health, so I'll put it here too. Even a single glass is better than no water at all. 

- Get your body wet. This sounds weird, but what I mean is that, you know those times when we feel gross, but we can't summon the energy to clean ourselves?. Well, I totally get it, the more we neglect ourselves the less we feel like taking care of it. So what I do is: Reducing everything to a Depression Shower. This is sitting under the shower head, and just letting the water run over you. If you can't, don't force yourself to clean your body or hair, just let the water cleanse you superficially. Then make a mouthfull of water, move it around and spit it. Detangle your hair, and don't be harsh on yourself, you did your best. That's always better than not doing anything. 

- Take your meds (if you where given any by a profesional, if you weren't, don't take anything, please love). 

- Sun! Sun is good, sun is energising. I love taking naps on the sun when I don't feel good, it's like a warm hug. Ofc that you gotta be careful about the time, and make sure that you don't let it hit you directly at mid-day. But I personally love it. Either I go to my roof and lay there for around 30 minutes, or open my window and stay where the sun hits directly. 

- Drink hot stuff. I love drinking things like tea, hot chocolate, coffee, milk, while I do something that I don't wanna do. You know, fulfilling your responsabilities. It feels like a warm hug. To me it's easier to function when I have a hot drink in hand (or any drink I like, maybe it's summer and I'd rather a lemonade or some sprite). 

- Allow yourself to cry. I'm definitely not a person who cries often but when I feel like the world is twisting me apart, a good cry can make me feel calmer. Also, I belive that crying and then resting a bit makes doing chores easier. It's like you pulled a little bit of weight off your chest, and you can go do stuff with a clearer mind. If you have trouble crying like I do you could try to listen to some sad music, or watching sad stories or content. Sounds weird but it helps me feel better latter on. 

- Put your feelings out there. Do art, express your emotions. A good art session can be somewhat healing. It doesn't needs to be perfect, and you don't have to be great at it for it to count. The important thing is feeling your emotions and letting them flow out of your body throughout a healthy medium. You could write, draw, paint, collage, play an instrument, sing, take photos, dance, or any other activity that you consider freeing!

- Reward yourself once the day is finished. Do everything that you can't procrastinate, and once you finish, once you reach home, rest. You could take a bath to clean the day away, put your pijama or some comfy clothes, eat something that gives you joy while watching a movie, series or video (or whatever activity helps you unwind) and then get a good night of sleep. You got through it all! You are a fighter! You deserve at least a moment of calmness. 


That'd be it for today. Hope you have a lovely life, and send you all my best wishes! 

To you; my dear fellow earthling <3


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