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Admonishment of Marxist-Leninists With Bad Bedside Manner

There's no doubt that Marxism-Leninism is the scientific study of societies, social contradiction, and has the correct understanding of the development of socialism. Basically, Communists are legit. But there's a problem. As I see it, very online MLs that rarely interface with real human beings often forget to treat people like humans with real emotions, morals, and feelings. The most basic purpose of a society is to resolve the contradictions between the individual and others. That attitude doesn't help. For an individual, when they are in pain and don't have strong social connections, their own pain makes their individual self the principle aspect of this contradiction. It's hard to ignore your constant pounding pain or fear, often caused by some aspect of society.

Many disaffected workers only know social authority to be police brutality, lying politicians, greedy corporations, and an ever-decreasing sense of justice in the world. The spiritual needs go unmet even among friends, family, and church. Their hunger needs go unmet even in a world beyond plenty. Their housing needs go unmet even in a country that has more empty homes than homeless. To the working class, the entire system is deeply immoral. To a person who sees only pieces of the (proletarian) immorality in society, they will be against those things, and this usually results in extremely dark personal feelings or reactionary politics. To a person who sees them all, they will be against them all and be anarchists. It is a big ask to have people stop looking at what is directly in front of them and look above it, with Theory, to see how Marxism-Leninism eventually lifts everyone out of this situation.

Marxism-Leninism makes every effort to be as unaligned to morality as possible. Stalin said:
"Hence, the practical activity of the party of the proletariat must not be based on the good wishes of "outstanding individuals." not on the dictates of "reason," "universal morals," etc., but on the laws of development of society and on the study of these laws." (JV Stalin — Dialectical and Historical Materialism, 1938)
Stalin is correct. Society is not run by morality, it is run by real social forces grounded in material laws. Morality comes after, as an observation of society by those who live in it. On this, we agree. However, each subject within the society has morality. It's given by the ability of the subject to observe the society and filter that observation through their class interests and tradition. It is an absolute strength of Marxism-Leninism that it is devoid of prescriptive, general morality. It is an absolute weakness of Marxist-Leninists to be devoid of morality and humanity when speaking on social issues (outside an academic setting). The contradiction of these two statements is easily resolved: Marxism-Leninism is a Theory of all humanity—objective, non-human in itself; but Marxist-Leninists are individually specific—subjects, humans themselves, products of the society Marxism-Leninism studies.

My conclusion is a recommendation to approach others with empathy and understanding. Create genuine social connection with those who are your ideological opposite. You know what anarcho-communists sometimes have over marxist-leninists? They approach anarchists without a sneer and with a smile. They know anarchists are hurting just like everyone else and can be taught how to channel their humanity in a way that heals the individual aspect and the social aspect of the contradiction. As MLs, we shouldn't expect hurting individuals to simply "buck up" or "tough it out" as though they are weak. This doesn't resolve the individual aspect of the contradiction, only the society aspect; and is undialectical. By the standards of Marxism-Leninism itself, it's weak!

Allow me a metaphor to explain why MLs need to approach others with empathy and humanity, despite scientific correctness. A medical physician is educated by science and employs the scientific method in the treatment of patients. Of course, this does not always mean the outcome is correct just because the method is correct. Yet because physicians have human patients, they are required to practice a level of good "bedside manner". Just as physicians are graded on their bedside manner in addition to their academic practice, I believe MLs should be graded on their bedside manner in addition to their theoretical understanding. Just as the physician's bad bedside manner (and sometimes bad science) comes from their subjective existence within the capitalist society, the ML's bad bedside manner (and sometimes bad science) likewise comes from their subjective existence within capitalist society.

In summary, be a normal fucking human being please.

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