If your looking for a sign to make your dreams come true, this is it.

The closer and closer I get to hitting my goals, the happier I feel. My Japanese progress is great. By the plan I have so far set up, I should reach level N2 in at MOST 3 months, which gives me almost a full year to get to N1. I also plan on getting an above 4.0 gpa this year because my goal of 3.0 last failed... miserably. I also wake up early (haven't as of late) and work out for 10 minutes and for an hour before I go to sleep. I also have been riding my bike again and just appreciating everything around me. All my classes this year besides math are honors and it may seem like I'm overworking myself but I really do feel proud because I have something to work for. Normally I would probably just crash which occasionally does happen, but then I am reminded how close I am to my current goals and it makes me want to do a summersalt and win the Olympics. I know I'm still young but just remember its never too early or too late to make your dreams come true, and It might be hard at first, but the closer you get, the better you'll feel and I am not an inspirational person or whatever, I just want other people to be able to feel the same as I do now, because I used to feel like I was amelessly wondering through life, and I still feel like that, but its different and not a negative feeling anymore.

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