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Current 8/11, 8/12 post

How to hide cool new ppl page

Report links for the gore accs so far (will update)


What's happening: 

Mostly blank accs threatening and hate speeching alissa, with so far two gore pages.

Yesterday there was first a wave of accounts spreading gore, some people interacted with them including alissa. After that it all got very chaotic. There is now a second wave of gorespammers and hatespammers targeting alissa and other ppl making accs in retaliation

Who is alissa?: 

The girl who's been mostly targeted by a lot of hate and gore accounts because she interacted with the main perpetrator NERVES. She tried to OD but is alive, in hospital and stable. 

What to do: give the spam accs as little attention as possible, report and block them and keave the rest to the mods. Do not give them attention

(Will expand when things calm down and im less sleep deprived wehhh)

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