The Horrors of the Cult

Before we get into talking about them, it is important I lost trigger warnings before we start. The following blog will discuss the following about the cult:

  • Necrofilia
  • Zoophilia
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide
  • Abusive/Manipulative Behaviors
  • DoxxingΒ 
  • R*pe
  • Death Threats
  • Transphobia
  • Animal Abuse
  • Sacrifices (Such as real people and animals.)
  • P*dophilia

I also want to say please don’t harass Mortis (the owner) or anyone who is involved/was involved in this. Some people joined not knowing of the horrors of the place, and some just knew but decided to push their actions onto others and cause harm.

But I will say one thing. Fuck you Mortis for hurting innocent children. You’re 17 now. Take fucking responsibility. The majority of people were 12. You know what you have done. Admit it.

Anyway, let’s discuss the factors one by one.Β 

What is

The origins of were simple. A place to be a β€œfamily” with as the original Instagram post said, which linked to their discord server. (As of late, all discord servers have been terminated.) But, even though it was β€œmeant” to have that happy persona, it was the total opposite of what it was. But overall, it was supposed to be a happy little discord server.

Who is Mortis?

Mortis is the owner of And has committed many things against the members. Mortis has fixed them once they tried to leave, said to cut their name into their skin as well as the symbol, has repeatedly told others to k*ll themselves, encourages animal abuse and sacrifices on the others, is transphobic to people who are non-binary or agender despite them being a demigirl, f*cked their dog (yes, this is real), and has been a shitty person overall. They have lost access to the internet and social media multiple times due to their actions but somehow keeps coming back. They have an old abandoned Instagram account which they can’t get back into, and started a new one but it recently ended in February of 2023. We don’t know where Mortis is or what they are doing of current, but if you see them, report them as immediately as possible. Oh! And they’re also a self-proclaimed n*crophile.

About the Members:

The members are either sweet as honey or just as deranged as Mortis. Multiple screenshots have been leaked from the old discords from spy accounts which has shown r*pe, p*dophilia, telling others to die, doxxing others, and more. However, the other side of the community are young kids who have been dragged along there who have nothing to do with any of that. Multiple old mods and admins have came out with their experience after being tortured in there. Don’t judge the ones who stayed. Mortis kept doxxing the ones who left. If anyone who you know is in, please save them. It’s not easy to get out alone.

Are These Allegations?

NO. They are all real with screenshots. However, I don’t want to show anything that has discord users names on there due to deranged people who want to join it or people who want to harass the members and create chaos with people. Mortis has admitted to doing all the stuff they done but they want to be worse to gain more attention. There is also a recording of them admitting to a discord user of r*ping their dog.

What Can You Do?

STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Stay away from all members unless if someone needs help. Please help them. That cult is tortuous and you don’t want to be in there. Their sanity depends on you. If you see anyone support Mortis or their accounts, DNI, unfriend, block, report, anything you can do to get them off any site. We want a healthy site for all, not for people who want the worst.

DNI if You See This Symbol

Please block and report any supporters. Spread the word about them too. Here’s the symbol incase if you see it:


I also need to mention if you see the phrase β€œ 2051, or, We Will Truly Be Everywhere.” DNI! That’s their slogans/catchphrases.


So, that’s what the cult is. Stay away from them.Β 

Also, if you’re a troll account please don’t joke on this post. If you do that’s just disgusting. You can joke on my bulletins but not here.

Anyway, if you made it here thank you for reading this.Β 

-Love you all, Ethan Star. ⭐️

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Thanks for telling us all about this :)

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