QnA moment real ‼️‼️

It’s like 12pm and I am fricking BORED 


i had the random idea of doing a QnA for fun

and here i am

actually doing it

so if you have any questions, just comment them i’ll be sure to answer them honestly:33

that’s all for now

i’m gonna go eat a popsicle now


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whats ur fav character over like everything ever???

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OMG SKSNSJSJS i would say my top 3 are sad guy (spooky month), Teruteru ofc (Danganronpa) And jared from superjail!! ><

by ꧁༺ɢօɖ օʄ ƈɦǟօֆ (օƈ)༻꧂; ; Report


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favorite type of pikmin? :o

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i love them all cuz of how cute they look but if i had to choose one, id say the yellow one is the best in my opinion ^^ !!

by ꧁༺ɢօɖ օʄ ƈɦǟօֆ (օƈ)༻꧂; ; Report