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intro / about :3

haiiiiiiiii!! ^_^

i’m finn although if we’ve interacted a bit finny is ok too! i use she/her pronouns but you can also use it/its and they/them idm! i’m asexual and somewhere on the aro spectrum and girls are pretty but labels are stupid so i rlly only describe myself as ace and queer :p

i’m a minor (over 15) and rlly only feel comfortable interacting with ppl age 13-19, and i’m mainly looking to interact with ppl in my general age range of 15-17 ^^

i’m an oc artist and i’m looking to interact with other artists!! i also love hearing ppl rant about their ocs lol. you can find my art and ocs on my toyhouse (linked at the bottom of this entry) although i may also post some art here from time to time! :]

i’m kinda just here to vibe!! i’m very bad at talking but feel free to message me after you add me and i’ll do my best to interact i prommy. it’s not that i don’t like talking i’m just bad at it lol. i generally don’t start conversations / interactions so uhh yeah lol. dont take it personally i struggle talking to my best irl friends lol. i also may take a while to respond to things, mostly due to constant fatigue that makes it hard to do much lol.

i’m very paranoid abt ppl online so don’t take it personally if i decline your friend request :p (i also just may not notice the request for a while)

i struggle with emotions so you are very welcome to vent to me (even if we don’t know each other all that well) but i rlly won’t be able to provide much help and/or comfort, sorry :(

please interact if you’re an oc artist or rlly are just anyone who is able to put up with someone with horrible social skills lol. i don’t talk about my interests often bc honestly i have a horrible memory and it’s been a while since i’ve watched some of the shows/read some of the books/etc. on my interests list, but you’re more than welcome to talk with me if we share some interests!! :]

please note i do swear and make the occasional sex joke (tell me if that makes you uncomfortable i won’t do so when talking to you! however i will still do so publicly so just be aware)

i probably won’t be super active in terms of posting stuff and messaging but i will probably check the site fairly often given i don’t forget about this account again lolz ^^

idk what else to write honestly so here’s where else you can find me ^_^

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