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Random Uquiz Time

Literally going to the random page on uquiz and doing some quizzes bc I'm bored. Feel free to play along and tell me your results 

Are you the Nick Nelson or the Charlie Spring? Heartstopper Quiz 

My Result: Charlie Spring. I've never seen the show but sure.

What Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Character Are You?

My Result: Mitsuba. I love him but I don't think it's accurate. Shijima Mei kinnie for life <3

Are you a weirdo, mentally ill, cute, or just boring?

My Result: Mentally Ill. ..I mean fair enough

Who were you written by in Dreamcatcher?

My Result: Gahyeon. Oh fun! I love her!

Choose some films and I'll tell you what random yet oddly specific film trope you are.

My Result: Classic make-over montage. Works for me. I like a good makeover!

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