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(08/02) the wacky world of diiv | entry #9

hello again friends ! how are we !

good news! i'm off from work until saturday ! (or caturday, as i'd like to call it. hehe)
i haven't really known what to do with myself for the past couple days, but it's certainly nice to sit back and let myself relax after overworking myself the past couple days! i've gone back to some of the pokémon special collector's edition manga sets i picked up a couple months ago, and they're a ton of fun! firm believer in trans yellow....... WHO'S WITH ME!!! *\ (>o<) /*

other than that, i have. moar work news. (BLARGH, I KNOW!)
i don't like talking a ton about work either since i FAR prefer being silly, however all the mildly interesting things in my life are unfortunately tied to it. so you get to hear about my work.

my boss sent me a link to .... a discord server ? 
apparently it's for the company, but my GOSH! i can just! look at the server settings and everything! i could even add emojis if i wanted to! there's no roles in this thing! it's honestly really really silly. ridiculous, even. makes me giggle. this'll be my little secret, i guess. because no WAY am i telling my boss (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧

i did later realize my spacehey is in the description of my discord profile (since i don't have a nitro subscription) so if you're one of my colleagues and decide to go snooping and see this...... no you didn't. keep ur lips SEALED, got it???? this is MY BLOG. HISSSSSSSS 

well, i think that's everything! not much else to cover, is there. haha. my blankets are really cozy and i find myself wanting to buy stardew valley. and at the end of the day, isn't that all that really matters? 🎵  /( •⩊• )/     \( >⩊< )\  🎵

have an awesome day/afternoon/night, diiv blog fanatics ! for whatever time you see this !

until next time,
   your friend diiv :-)

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