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Do not believe in the aliens

That whole new thing about aliens in America. It's an obvious lie. Even as an alien lover myself I refuse to believe it, It is dumb, There is 0 proof. where did the Ufo land? if it landed near people there'd be locals pulling out all of their devices, recording, taking photos, going live, recording audios. But it's only the cool well known professionals and the government knowing everything about it, of course it is. People are waiting and waiting for them to say the news about the aliens.

"the aliens communicated with us and told that their technologies are 50.000 years ahead" How does an alien with such advanced technologies crash into earth and gets interviewed by humans? And if the Ufo crashed, then what kind of technology is that. That is not 50.000 years ahead of us at all.

I feel like they could have such technologies that they can view each event on earth from light years away, don't you think. They could connect with our networks and do anything they want. they could blow up earth if they were bored.

They keep making these events that never happen. "earth will be invaded, aliens will destroy earth, etc" but it won't happen, it never does, it is only to freak you out.

In 1960's, they said all the oil supply will be gone in the next 10 years. It didn't happen.

In 1970s, they said an ice age is coming in the next 10 years. Never happened.

In 1980's, they said acid rain will kill the soil in the next 10 years. Never happened.

In 1990's, they said the ozone layer will be gone in the next 10 years. Never happened.

In 2000's, they said global warming is gonna flood many and kill us in the next 10 years. Didn't.

in 2010's, they said climate change and trash will kill earth in the next 10 years. Didn't

None happened, but APPARENTLY they are happening. But all resulted in paying taxes. Yeah, humans were made to sit at a desk 9-5, come home to watch the complete lies told on news, explore the real world and nature 2 weeks in a year. There's nothing more to it. We have 0 creativity, we don't think, we're not independent.

I believe each human should live by their own beliefs and rules. And not be controlled by others. And i wish people wouldn't lie. We very obviously want to know about earth, but now it seems almost impossible to know the truth.

People need to start thinking logically and stop believing in people who are assumed to know better. They do not. Most new podcasts are bought and they don't tell what is true, they are bought by liars, they are telling you what you they want you to think, they are programming you like a computer. It's like watching a horror movie as a child and believing the monsters and things in them are real and will get to you.

The amount of pedophilia and assassination that is happening with very famous trusted people is cruel. Your favorite celebtrity could be on the Jeffrey Epstein’s island right now. and is hidden from everyone because they need your trust, so you continue rooting for them and are always on their side, because they assumingly the smartest and the most talented. And when they try to speak up they get silenced.

Truth is the most important thing. Without truth we couldn't live. If you don't read news, you're uninformed. If you read news, you're false informed. The most important thing is to say the truth, not to be number 1. But being number 1 isn't easy on this sinister planet. And everyone seems to want to be number 1, so everyone would do what they want and what'd be the best for them, the number 1. But then they have to lie. 

They sell their souls.

Yes, bad things are happening on earth, so many. But they tell you bad things that are not happening to distract you and grow your trust on them, the government. They don't want you to think, they just want you to follow, you are a blind.

Don't be a computer, you should be the human you are, and use your brain and your own thoughts and beliefs. 

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