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gonna try to get a better style

havent made a blog in a couple days rip
today i plan on getting hair dye!!! i want to dye my hair blue but pink, green and purple will also work if i cant find blue hairdye. tommorow im going to a thrift store that apparently always has good stuff witch is exiting, i hope theres scene/emo clothes there cuz my style atm is weird, its like broke indie emo. i hope i can get a job so i can buy better clothes and accesories! as of right now ill just make my backpack look cool, right now im sewing stuff on it and i plan on going to hot topic and spencers to get pins :3!! its gonna be hard to get back to wearing shoes cuz all summer ive been wearing crocs only, im just going to hope that my feet arent to big for my converse cuz i wont be able to get converce for another couple months sob.

i gotta get back to sewing so, byebye!! :3

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