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pikmin rant

omg omg i love pikmin sooooosooooo much i only have pikmin 1 (on my gamecube) and 4 but its ok bcs im bying pikmin 2 and 3 on the switch and its just so yippie omgomgomgomgomggggg i love olimar hes my silly pikpik carrot eater i luv him soooosoooo much and i lov louie hes scary and distubring but hes still silly bcs his head is shaped like a pear :3 and alph is soooo silly (i dont have a lot to say about luwie and alf bcs i havent played pikmin 2 and 3yet) omg theres COLORS ON THIS omg im PINk and now im GREEN OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL OMG oh my god i have a blue background with ORANGE TEXT THIS IS SO COOL holy shit now im fluttershy colored ok omg ok im good now guys wait OMG ITS BOLD now im bold and slanted AND UNDERLINED HOLY SHIT ok im done with my rant 

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