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MY ALL TIME MUSIC FAVOURITES <3 (a lot of 6arelyhuman)

Hello guyz!!1! these are my favourite songs!↙

  • Hands up! (by 6arelyhuman, kets4eki, Pixel Hood)
  • XOXO (kisses hugs) (by 6arelyhuman, horrormovies)
  • Party like a millionaire (by Millionaires)
  • I like money (by Millionaires)
  • Party addict (by kets4eki, nosgov, kojo)
  • GOT UR NUMB3R (by bugcried)
  • Toxic (by 6arelyhuman, pröz, d3r)
  • Scene Halloween (by 6arelyhuman)
  • Eat me (by 6arelyhuman) (THIS ONE'S ONE OF MY TOTAL FAVOURITES)
  • GMFU (by Odetari, 6arelyhuman)
  • Ur Vampire (by 6arelyhuman, pröz)
  • Scene high (by 6arelyhuman)
  • Blow Up! (by 6arelyhuman)
  • go_hard (by kets4eki, asteria, WASTY)
  • FASHION (by Britney Manshon)
  • in my dms (by kets4eki, 6arelyhuman, hubithekid)
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE (by odetari)
  • I LOVE YOU HOE (by odetari)
  • THROAT GOAT (by odetari)
  • Yummy (by 6arelyhuman)
  • Slay everyday (by 6arelyhuman)
  • You & me (by 6arelyhuman)
  • Stalk me (by 6arelyhuman)
  • GOOD LOYAL THOTS (by 6arelyhuman)

  • so yeah, that's pretty much all for now, have a nice dayy >_<

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