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(07/26) back at it again | entry #8

hello again friends!

while i missed being away from you all, it does mean that i have a lot of fresh news hot off the presses of my life! 

most important news: i finally have a job !!!! ♪┏ ( ・o・) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪
after months of searching, i finally have a position! i start work tomorrow at spirit halloween and have to be up early, but hey if it earns me money i am not opposed to that! wake me up whenever i will always be there for that bag! if i'm fully honest, i'm a little intimidated by my coworkers that i saw in the store, but i'm sure everything will go swimmingly, and i have nothing to worry about :-)

i've been using my laptop a lot more rather than trying to boot up my pc, which has been a fun and nice change of pace! especially when my pc bluescreens at least twice whenever you try to boot it up. lol.

i got my hair trimmed yesterday, which was desperately needed if i'm being completely honest. i can finally see without my bangs resembling a harem protagonist in an anime! yippee! yay!

to be honest, i'm not entirely sure on what to say to you all! my life, as we know, is typically very normal, so there's not a lot to document rather than the daily commute of rotting in bed and doom-scrolling on social media lmao. i have gotten into the puyo puyo series as of recently though, so that's always fun! it's hard to find an interest that fits like a glove, especially when hyperfixations rot my brain and shake me around like a raggedy anne doll practically every waking hour of my life, so it's nice to have a new series to go crazy coo coo for cocoa puffs over! i don't really understand how puyo puyo works in terms of chaining together combos and good scores, in general how the game mode works in a competitive sense, but i'm getting there! i promise!

i desperately need to see the barbie movie. i am a rabies-infested wild animal and the barbie movie is my antidote. not really much to say on that front i think! i've seen a lot of people on social media talk about how hard-hitting the film was and how different have taken it in terms of perception, and honestly it just makes me want to the film more and more. lawl. 

anyways! i might update you guys on how my job is tomorrow, and talk about maybe pirating the barbie movie? would you guys enjoy a review of the film? who knows ;-)

until next time,
   your friend diiv :-)

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