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*World War 2 soldier identified as Leroy M. Slenker

*Nevada police have confirmed search as a connected part of Tupac Shakur's unsolved killing
*California's speed train will run on solar panels
*Norwegian mineral discovery could supply batteries + solar panels for 50 years
*Amazon deforestation down by 34%
*Billions have more access to water than 2 years ago
*Carbon negative pint made in UK
*"Big Balloon Build" fundraiser gives greater care to abused & neglected children
*Issued arrest for Putin


*Protestors set fire to Swedish embassy in protest of planned burning of Qur'an
Singapore passports are now the most powerful ones (192/227 places without visa)


*Soldier fled to North Korea
*Gunman in New Zealand kills 2 before Woman's World Cup
*Streaming services delete users' property for licensing reasons despite users owning it
*Evidence of possible Myanmmar war crimes have surfaced
*Wall collapses and kills during monsoon in Pakistan

*Possible Wagner base found in Belarus

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