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I went to one of my friends house yesterday

Yesterday i went to my friends house, I went walking after begging my mom to let me go by that way instead of a taxi, It was a beautiful day and i hadn't walked outside for a while so it was refreshing and pleasant and since i had already been to his house by walking a few times before i already knew the route by memory and because im tall (Well, Most likely whats considered tall in my region) I reached there in only 25 minutes, I reached his house at about 1:25 but for some reason i still dont really get he wasnt there yet, So i decided to wait inside his home until he arrived at like 1:50, We chatted and joked for a bit before another friend arrived at 2 And we laughed a ton, My friend's brother had a switch and he played a legend of zelda game while we were joking around but my friend's parent made lunch so his brother had to eat and leave the switch alone and we decided to play mario kart 8 on it and anytime any of us played we would all them "the worst player in history" we came up with a bunch of friendly insults that we threw at eachother and we were dying of laughter and we just did that until it was 10 until 6 so my mom went to pick me up, I said goodbye to them and i arrived home, It was fun

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