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infooooo !!

haii im riri

any prns, they/them pref!!

ive met kellin quinn, the used, wednesday 13, mick foley, and more !! i collect signed stuff and funko pops !!

i am 14 !! i really like creepypasta, the slenderbrothers(hyperfixated for 4/5+ years). I LOVE HORROR MEDIAS AND BOB VELSEB AS WELL !!!!

i am a stereotypical emo. but im really cool and u should send out a friend request cause im very easy to get along with !!

plz dni if ur friends of benjamin, aubrey, tess, and jonathan !! (none of them have spacehey so this is not directed to any of you fellow spaceheyians... i promise), over 25, creepypasta, cats, and mlp dislikers........

roblox: slashersenthusiast

pinterest: i forgor..

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