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shitty poetry abt my love live

i dream about you every night. it feels like i’m constantly relapsing and nothing i do can help. i spend too much time trying to forget but it just reminds me. it reminds me of how happy i felt with you, how i fantasized about you. 

i know it’s stupid, but i wonder if you feel the same. i wonder if you’ll see something that reminds you of me, where you get stuck with that bittersweet feeling and think of me for months on end. 

it feels like i’m in a loop where i sleep, wake up, think of you, and then go back to sleep. every day feels the same. i wanted to spend so much more time with you than i did.

i don’t know if i hate you anymore. you left, after you said you wouldn’t but i know how stressful i can be. i’m wasn’t the best girlfriend, but i wasn’t the worst, right?

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