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A little bit about me (Like hobbies interests that I didn't mention)

Yo yo yo Its yo boy Toast.

So this is just going to be about me and whatever.

Interest.) Ok I didn't really going into this as much on my actual page but here's a list

Plant care, Collecting maybe ill post some of my collection, Playing video games and board games, Playing the accordion, reading comics/manga, cooking although not the best, hanging out with my friends and drawing.

Foods/sweets/drinks.) Lasagna, Pastas, Cheese burgers I like swiss, French fries, Brownies, Ice cream either Mint or Cookie dough, cow tails, cookies, Orange Juice, Coffee, soda Dr. Pepper Root beer or Moxie and Arizona Arnold Palmer or Green tea

Dislikes >:( .) Sour stuff, Bitter coffee, mean people, people who explain stuff even though I get it, getting a bad nights rest, not understanding and talking to people I don't know

If you have questions feel free to ask I'll answer as soon as I can

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