Russia is set to explode (but not in the way the globalists want):

I can say one thing for sure. Part of what has made the west so weak over the past several decades - it that we've allowed the globalists to compartmentalise us -- destroying our sovereignty, de-industrialising us and generally just undermining everything that made us great; especially our faith in Jesus Christ. Russia will charge ahead in leaps and bounds due to the growth they experienced from the sanctions. All nations should be sovereign, as a nation can only truly be lead by those that know and live in the area and are a part of the people; yet we should all strive to "love our neighbour" and "treat our enemies as our friends", under God. And this world would be an awesome place. We have to get rid of these globalists. If we can't do it, you can rest assured God will. Time is running out, for everyone..

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I for one would be very happy if more and more countries would embrace isolation more or at least reject globalism more

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The world would be a better place, that's for sure.

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