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54 SpaceHey Survey

1. Spell your first name backwards: Ahsined

2. Story behind your myspace display name? First letter of first name & middle name 

3. What month were you born in? September 

4. Where do you live?  Mississippi 


6. Toothbrush: Orange & White

7. Jewellery worn daily: gold Chanel earrings

8. Pillow cover right now? What came with Set

9. Underwear: Silk

10. Best Friend: Ty M.

12. Favorite t- shirt: black Walking Dead shirt

13. Cologne/Perfume: Whatever Smells Good

14. CD in stereo: 0

15. Piercings: 2


16. Wearing now: PJs

17. Wishing for: Financial Stability 

18. Wanting: Oreos, Milk, & a Cuddle Buddy

20. Something you are deathly afraid of? Snakes, Loose Dogs, & Heights 

21. Do you like candles? Yes

22. Do you believe people can be redeemed? Yes

23. Do you believe in love? Yes

25. Do you believe in God? Yes

26. What’s something you wish you could understand better? Spanish


31. Where is your favorite place to shop? DSW

32. What is your favorite thing to wear? Nike Sweatpants 

33. What is a must have accessory? Phone

34. How much is the most you’ve ever spent on a single clothing item? $40

35. Who is the least fashionable person/people you know?

36. Do you match your belt with your hair color? No

37. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 10

38. What is the worst trend you see today?


39. Do you do drugs? No

40. What kind of soap do you use? Dove

41.What are you listening to right now? Shelea Frazier 

42. Who was the last person that called you? Spam

43. Where do you want to get married? Beach

44. How many buddies are online right now? IDK

45. What are essentials in your life? Peace

46. Do you send out holiday cards each year? No

47. Hair right now? Team Natural 

49. When was the last time you got a sunburn? Never

51. Things that drive you crazy? Inconsiderate People 

52. Do you think you are a good driver? No

53. Who did you text last? My Best Friend 

54. Where are you right now? Bed


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