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(07/10) HUGE NEWS FOR DIIV BLOG FANS | entry #6

hello again friends!!

today was a super cool day !!!! i slept in quite a bit, but the real highlight was...


yea, i'm finally getting out of the house!

i was super psyched to go there, even if it was really rainy on our way there :-) i was mostly excited because i wanted to see if a miffy bento box that i had seen last time was still there! it was actually the main reason we went, mission get diiv a lunch box !

i brought a kirby dollie along with me for the trip, and took a bunch of pictures like i promised a couple entries ago! this post is very image heavy, so uh. scroll at your own risk ig ! lol

kirby on top of a bunch of big bags of rice. he looks very small

so much rice...... kirby looks super tiny here too hehe

kirby and the miffy bento box in the background!


kirby with a blue and white plate with imagery of a smiling cat in the center

kirby inside a light green ramen bowl with imagery of a lucky cat statue on the front

omg okay kirby...... serve

image of a bootleg hello kitty with three tufts of bangs in the front, 

bootleg hello kitty step stool??? theyre kinda gender though kind of like if a boy and a girl had a baby 🔥

large selection of drinks, from mango nectar to carbonated yogurt flavored drinks

image of a shelf filled with different flavors of ramune

so many drinks...... (@_@) how's a girl to choose

kirby stuck in the fucking freezer. can't go anywhere w him!!!!


image of two boxes with hello kitty cookie tins in them

kirby next to boxes of hello kitty branded pocky, there being three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and green tea

i have good news hello kitty fans

kirby next to packages of dragon ball z and pokémon themed gum sheets

omg....... pokémon and dbz gum........

image of me holding a package of garlic butter pretzels and kirby

do these taste good? well we'll just have to see won't we

kirby looking across an array of seafood flavored chips

so many kinds of chips....... they make it really tempting to buy more don't they lol

kirby with a background of cement

and back home we go! 

i know that my documentation and joy at going here probably makes me look a tad whiter than i'd like but hey. i don't get outside often in the first place. i'd probably do this with target too

anyways !!!! today was a very fun day out and i hope you guys find this thread as fun as it was to be there !!! it's always good to get out of the house from time to time, especially if you're getting something for yourself ! make sure to treat yourself from time to time !!!

i'm planning on taking a shower after this goes up, but yea ! have a good day / night friends :-)

until next time,

    your friend diiv

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💤 ¡Azul! ★

💤 ¡Azul! ★ 's profile picture

I will start reading your blog, it looks so cool. ₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎
I tried to send you a request but I do not understand why the option does not appear T_T

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aah thank you !!! i'm glad you enjoy my blog ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ ive sent you a friend request instead so you're free to accept that !!

by diiv ♫; ; Report

How nice thank you!! I'll be on the lookout for your blog ₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎

by 💤 ¡Azul! ★; ; Report


kitkatanddog's profile picture

also miffy's super underrated too !! love her !!

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YEAAAHHHHHH based miffy fan ⊂((・x・))⊃

by diiv ♫; ; Report


kitkatanddog's profile picture

I've been to a shop like that before, the lollies section blew my socks off it was so good !!!! wish my local asian supermarket was like that but I know they have english support services for immigrants (I think) so !! even if they're not that large they're still finding ways to support the community, which I admire C: especially in a small rural town, I'm sure that supermarket brings a lot of comfort to people far away from home/larger cities where they could have an easier time finding things that ease homesickness ! asian supermarkets are so underrated imo, I hope people in the west can see them beyond the lens of "they sell kawaii snacks! so ulzzang!" also hi kirby !! so cute !!!!

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literally !!! asian supermarkets are always nice to visit and help the community so much, theyr so underrated its not even FUNNY . and kirby says hello (╹◡╹)

by diiv ♫; ; Report

oh mannn I wanna empty my bank account on some japanese snacks now LOL missing my subscription box...

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

omg i've always been a little jealous of people that have those subscription boxes...... what's it like ?? ^ ^

by diiv ♫; ; Report

I got it as a birthday gift !! super good overall but I don't like soft drinks so I wish there was an option to remove them... I think some companies offer boxes that you can somewhat customise! focusing on savory over sweet or ramen over lollies for example c: definitely recommend, even if it's only for a month ! you can always use the box as a general intro n buy more of what you get online if you fall in love with something ^^ (I personally wanna get more squid ink yakisoba... so good...)

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

another soft drink hater omg. can we hold hands
but that aounds so cool!!! i just don't really have the money for that kind of thing and i'm finicky with food due 2 my texture issues :p squid ink yakisoba sounds rly good tho

by diiv ♫; ; Report

we are fr the same !!!! I have huge sensory issues with food too (arfid says hi) !!!! because of that I gave all the veggie stuff in the ramen packs to my dad or even just let him have the whole thing. it was a nice way to try some new stuff c: the picky eating struggle is so real though sigh...

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

HONESTLY !!!! i wanted to try maruchan cup ramen one time but the veggies messed w me too much lmao..... picky eaters when there isn't mac and cheese on the menu (this is the biggest self callout i've ever done in my life)

by diiv ♫; ; Report

literally !! school camps are a nightmare for this exact reason. (overstimulated voice) "I'm not hungry" "well you have to eat something..." like I would literally rather starve for 5 days than have to explain to my peers why I'm not eating what they are be so real rn. gonna try not to vent further LOL but it's just !! so frustrating I know how to handle my needs leave me alone

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

you have school camps??? :O what r those ive nevr heard of them

by diiv ♫; ; Report

gotta love every armchair psychologist like "well have you tried just... eating normally?" or the ones that go "omg ew why do you eat like a five year old? grow up" like actually babe I'm not just doing it for the giggles yeah x I'm not gonna throw a tantrum because there's no pizza for me in particular. you seem to be throwing one over my eating habits though maybe worry about that instead x

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

basically they lump everyone in a year group at school together n take them away for a week... in my case my online school does it n brings all of the high school students along, usually the activities/excursions are related to our learning so it's not like a real camp out in the woods or anything (thank god tbh)

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

wooahh..... that sounds kinda neat still!!! i used to dream about having a sleepover at school all the time lmao u have no idea. the thought of getting a bunch of blankets and pillows and stuffed animals and sleeping on the gym floor had such a grip on me for so many years until i realized just how overstimulated and cramped i would feel LMAO
my schools have never really done anything like that, i think the closest would probably be like.... a first day of school event or something lawl.

by diiv ♫; ; Report

a movie sleepover at school sounds so fun !! I just know it wouldn't go well though :,C

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

yeah (´;ω;`) unfortunate really

by diiv ♫; ; Report