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(07/09) you know what time it is !!!! entry #5 (>人<;)

hello again friends!!!

i'm back home!! 

i slept in again a little today and spoke with one of my super good friends!!!! i also went on to play a ton of splatoon since the next splatfest is coming up soon!!! (i chose team strawberry. i like vanilla more but i am a frye fan first ☝️☝️)

spyke charged me 50k coins for my ordered item so i had to grind my ASS OFF. i did it though because i NEED a badge of him for my splashtag. wearing an i❤️my girlfriend shirt rn just for spyke

but yeah!!!! hopefully i can have some more fun tomorrow and maybe go on a walk through my neighborhood to get some fresh air !!!! unless it's like. 100 degrees like it usually is...

until next time,

   your friend diiv :-)

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