God danced for me - A poem

I met God in my dream last night. 

A God, a Deity, something of immeasurable power. 

I found myself at the edge of the world, 

where the abyss loomed darkly 

and the water fell into oblivion. 

She stood before me, a vision. 

I didn’t know her intentions, why she chose me to visit. 

She had this allure to herself, Her wings spanned far and wide, 

that of a hawk's, or an eagle's. 

With a bison's body and the face of someone I once knew. 

She did not speak, but her tears were heard 

in the mournful cries of her jewelry, 

which screamed in agony as she danced. 

I sensed a deep sorrow in her heart and yet she went on, 

holding the sun in one hand

a clump of earth in the other. 

Her serpent tail whipped the ground 

as she twirled and mourned, her power tempered with fatigue. 

She had breathed life into all, and yet life demanded more. 

As she swayed, I could sense her anguish 

and the weight of her burden. 

It was a sorrow beyond words, 

sorrow for all that had been lost 

and for all that would inevitably pass away. 

And then just as quickly as she had appeared, 

the God vanished, leaving an eerie silence in her wake. 

My heart ached with despair, 

longing to witness her godly grace once more. 

despite the sobbing of her company, 

I had the sense that there was no hope for any of us, 

save for what small comfort her eternal dance might bring.

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