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(07/07) blog time! entry #3 ★彡

hello again friends ! !

to start off my post, i unfortunately couldn’t go to the asian market today :-( i forgot i had to see my dad today ! i usually see him every other weekend, so i’ll be back in my normal home by sunday ! 

i have some other news though! i downloaded the new threads app to see what it was all about! zuck’s had my info since i was like… 10, so i don’t think i’d be too scared about him having my data at this rate lol. 

it’s pretty simple, and has a very small amount of brands on it, so it’s a nice change of pace from twitter! you can post more than 4 pictures (WOOOOO (^O^)) and people can only see your retweets posts and replies on there (likes r private!) also there’s. no im/dm function. which is… odd. overall spacehey is still #1, but it’s a much smoother and nicer alternative to twitter if you’re looking for that. when did i become a reviewer…?

not much else has been going on with me today! i woke up pretty late and listened to some music, but other than that and heading to my dad’s, today’s been a pretty neutral day :-)

until next time,

  your friend diiv

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you seem like such a cool person grrrr i can't figure out how to frq you tho

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woa ! what a kind message to wake up to !!! all the boxes on my profile 4 friend requests n all r at the bottom bar (˙༥˙( i’ll send u one tho !!!! u seem neat too :-)

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