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(07/06) blog entry # 2 !!!!!

hello friends ! 

today i did a couple of things!
you may notice that my profile has a bunch of stamps and blinkies on it now! i spent a lot of time picking out different ones to put on my profile, but after a handful of long and kinda grueling hours, it is (pretty much) finished! who knew coding was so hard... there's still a few blinkies i may want to add l8r, but as for now, i'm tapping out 4 the nite hehe

while overhauling my profile was what i did for the majority of today, i also called up a couple of companies that i applied 4 yesterday and tuesday ! ...pretty sure i'm not getting hired by target. lmao

other than that, i had this fuckin BANGIN stir fry that hit the spot tbh, shout out 2 gram gram 🙏 and i might go to a local asian market tomorrow ! if i do, i'll let you guys know about my travels! (with pictures!!!!!)

i may stay up a bit later after this, take a shower and have my meds, but other than that i think my day's pretty much over :-)

until next time,
 your friend diiv :-D

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