Japan Sinks 2020 review(more like brainrot/pos)

ill try to keep this spoiler free for anyone who hasnt seen Japan Sinks 2020 (u should watch it PLEASE mrow🥺🥺) but holy shit

want an Anime to sob your heart out to? go watch JS2020 

i myself rarely get emotional during anime or tv in general- but i genuinly cried ATLEAST once every episode

from the start it had that vibe where you know everyone of the main cast wont survive and i thought id be prepared bUT CLEARLY NOT

every death. every single one i sobbed at. even if i could tell someone was ab to die i still sobbed.

its only 10 eps long (about 25 mins long for each), its rated 15 so nothing majorly horrific(???) but there are slight SA references, a random sex scene (for ab 10 seconds-), drug mentions and the most tense emotional scenes you'll ever witness

BUT there is good rep👍 poc rep (filipino specifically), trans rep and disabled rep at the end 💪💪

overall 10/10 would sob over again

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