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folie à deux (madness shared by two)

it is often i wonder why i feel empy, like i'm a shell of a person who should have done more, or less. 

why certain people tend to bring out my worst sides , my shameful emotions. my anger which has bubbled up , ready to spill out - or my sadness which i've tried to keep buried within. all very shameful emotions.

but i often wonder why those who bring those emotions out of me are the best people in my life. why they make me the happiest, but why they also make me the saddest. not by their actions nor the words they've said, purely by my mind. 

i share those emotions with the people i speak with and i feel shameful, like some sort of madman, someone whos wronged.

i share their madness and their sadness, and i share mine with them.

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