Stuff happening in France.. Again (This time it has nothing to do with retirement age or whatever)

Never thought i'd ever use the News and Politics flair unironically..

So basically, a 17 year old teenager named Nahel died shot by a police officer after driving a car without a driver's license.

[In details, two police officers went towards the 17 years old's borrowed car, asked him to open the car windows, he behaved and did so, afterwards one of them tells him "stop the engine or i shoot" then hits him. Then again he grabs the teenager's arm and says "Don't move or i shoot a bullet through your head" and the other one immediatly says "shoot him" before the first cop hits him again twice, directly the teenager restart driving the car with one of the policeman still in the window and then he got shot]

Of course, this was no reason to die over and the policemen were clearly too violent with the teenager.

So, this outraged people all over France and cause theses outraged to do "ethnic riots" as they say.

But as of now it just feels like they're using Nahel's death to do whatever.

I mean, what they're doing wasn't even a good idea in the first place. To show how outraged they were they went on to shoplift in large groups, destroy cars and even fucking burn down libraries and EVEN SCHOOLS. This went on for three nights..

Here are exemples of what theses riots look like

At this point it's not even about Nahel anymore.

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