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i wish I was born in some fantasy version of our world where everything was mostly the same but people had castles and buildings were old like not medieval style but you get the gist. and everyone wore J-fashion and fancy clothes and everyone participated in balls and had beautiful outfits, and everyone had masquerade parties, but the nice ones. and people spoke French to the people they loved and wrote long letters and said things like "you are the most overflowingly beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes upon" and not "ur fine asf wyd bb" and wrote poems and music for each other without it being "cheesy". like bro I just wanna dress in ouji or something fancy and nice and go to a ball and make friends and dance to piano concerto no.21 in C major, K. 467: II.Andante like why not meeeee WHY NOT MEEEEEE WHY WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYWHYHYHYHYY this is why I want to own a winery. I want to have rich people parties. why do I have to be a low-class American im practically doomed form the start. future plans is stupid and pointless I'm just gonna live from now on even if I'm homeless or something I swear by my life im never getting a stupid 9-5 office job and wasting my life away If I have to ill just become one of those french live in caretakers also if anyone actually reads these, thankyou I wish I could give u guys treats but of course, this is just online.

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