Don't contact me - a poem

Try and text me again on those dark nights,

When your pain is consuming your light.

I'll be nowhere to be found,

For I refuse to be your rebound.

That insufferable attitude you possess,

Leaves nothing but anger and distress.

I thought love was what you sought,

But it seems like destruction was your only thought.

You wanted everything but gave nothing back,

Expecting me to carry the weight of your shack.

I was just a temporary solution for you,

A punching bag whenever you felt blue.

I'll no longer be your one-week journal,

For you to write on and fill with your scandal.

I'm worth more than your greed,

And being with you is not what I need.

I won't allow your toxicity to infect my soul,

For my worth is much more than what you stole.

You may have thought I would never leave,

But now I'm gone and it's time for you to grieve.

You broke my stuff and blamed it on me,

As if being with you was a guarantee.

But now I see through your lies,

And I won't fall for your disguise.

I choose to walk away and take my stand,

Don’t try and text me again on those dark nights,

you know that I won't be there to hold your hand,

When you need someone to make “everything right”.

I loved you with all my heart,

But now it's time for us to part.

I can't keep walking on eggshells for you,

It's time for me to bid you adieu.

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