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BFYI/DNI - please read ! (wip)

dni if..

  • there are bug images on your profile, even if its cartoony or simplified !!

        bug likers are okay but please put a tw for them when mentioned if possible !!!! if not, please block 人(_ _*) 

  • using eyestrain / flashing layouts ! im sure u guys r super cool but i have rlly bad eyesight :(
        ex: that one gir layout

  • jumpscare loading gifs ! doubt having this on my list will convice yall to not interact since. the whole point of it is to scare random ppl but better than not trying i guess
  • any horror on profile, i am a scaredy cat im sorry
  • furry haters :(
  • if u fall under any bullets highlighted in blue and we r already friends, ur exempt!!! love u guys 


  • if advertising anything, please dont comment on my profile ! i will gladly check out what you're advertising if you send me an IM or a friend request :]
  • im socially inept but i try my hardest to Not be painfully boring . sorry if anything ever comes across as weird . pls tell me off if i say anything bad! my intent is to never cause any harm !
  • i make a lot of typos and cant be bothered to fix them in the moment, but ill gladly clarify what i meant/retype/correct if asked !
  • i dont think i need tonetags atm?? but if u do pls lmk and i will gladly use them for u :3

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