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Creative BioMart Launched an Integrated Neuroscience Technology Platform

Creative BioMart Optogenetics, a sub-brand of Creative BioMart that focused in the field related to genetics and biological product production, recently established an integrated neuroscience technology platform that incorporated cell culture, model biology R&D, and optogenetic equipment.


Optogenetics is a field of science that uses light to control gene-driven neural activity. The accuracy of time and space is one of its advantages. Optogenetic experiments only control the activation or inhibition of neurons expressing optogenetic probes.


Researchers can switch neurons on and off in milliseconds thanks to time accuracy. The rate at which neurons fire in the brain can be closely modeled by this quick time. Researchers can control the activity of genetically defined populations of neurons, such as inhibitory neurons, using spatial precision. This establishes a causal link between the behavior of populations with defined genetic makeup and the observed variables.


After decades of development and innovation, Creative BioMart Optogenetics now provides a wide range of services including:


Neural Cell Culture

In-house cell culture biosafety cabinet, cell culture box, plastic products and other consumables that enable various nerve cell culturing, including mouse, rat, human neural primary stem cells


Neural Cell Imaging

Confocal microscope, two-photon microscope, high-throughput virtual tissue slicing system, ultra-high speed confocal microscope, etc., to support the visualization of targets in living cells, fixed cells or tissues


Neural Cell Gene Editing

Light elements are introduced into nerve cells by packaging and purification of viral gene delivery vectors, allowing exploited optogenetic research


“Our optogenetic lab is staffed by experts and technicians to deliver comprehensive customized service programs so our customers can maximize research values when using our integrated neuroscience technology platform.” commented Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart.


To know more detailed information about the Neuroscience Technology Platform newly launched at Creative BioMart, please visit https://opto.creativebiomart.net/neuroscience-technology-platform.html.


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