About Me A-Z 
Made by GlamCat

A. Age: 15 B]

B. Best Friend: ana!! 

C. Currently: procrastinating. should be revising lol

D. Drink/smoke: i dont smoke but i drink sometimes. alchohol taztes like shit but being drunk can be ok. its the only way i. get through new yearz celebrations lol

E. Eye Color: brown

F. Fears: cameras, mindreaders, and planes. 

G. Games: nobody saves the world is. ny fav but they took it. off gamepass so now i. mostly play outer banks and sdv

H. Height:5'6

I. Insta: dont use it lol

J. Job: almost at college B]

K. Kids or no: no and tbh no forever

L. Least Favorite Color: highlighter yellow 

M. Movie You Love: dragon hunters

N. Nicknames: just theo honestly. 

O. One Wish: i wanna be able to get a job soon and thats it for now tbh.

P. Pets: my tortoise terry hes the best hes my pride and joy

Q. Quote You Love: "Even in death I can't escape her. She's followed me to the afterlife! Well played, Satan, well played." - Noel Gruber

R. Relationship Status: single hopefully forever

S. Siblings: one small sister 

T. Time You Woke Up: 5:30 bcs exam prep

U. Unknown Fact About You: my phone camera is taped up so nobody can see me

V. Vacation You Loved: went to a. beach covered in flags once

W. Worst Habit: skin biting probz 

X. X-tra Fact About You: i own 15 squishmallows

Y. YouTuber You Love: shanspeare

Z. Zodiac Sign: virgooo

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