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got the 3 first symbols B))

idk why spacehey isnt posting my bulletins so im jsut gonna blog this adventure forward 2 diary thingy

but yeah i beat compale and now i havr 3 symbols which is pretty cool
i also like how the 2nd part thingy music of the dark matter fight in pokemon super mystrry dungeon plays while ur fighting them its reall y COOL i LOOOVE POKEMON SUPER MYSTERY DUNGEON

i also absolutely love the vibes of this game its kinda simple and blocky,,, yeah its roblox but its super magestic too like WOAH


i mean the whole game has really cool vibes overall like u just got dragged by a gradient to get silly stars coins and symbols while parkouring on silly worlds with more gradients isnt that awesome

anyways imn gonna do my homework then ill play later B)

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