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A. Age: 13, turning 14.

B. Best Friend: 3 of my best frienfs who do not use spacehey 🙀

C. Currently: sitting on a chair

D. Drink/smoke: it's illegal

E. Eye Color: Supee supee dark brown

F. Fears: climbinb up stairs that have hollow inbetweens idk how to explain

G. Games: I don't play games alot anymore but if I do it's horror games or hungry shark.

H. Height: 5'0

I. Instagram: cowhcuse and genetakovlc 

J. Job: obviously not

K. Kids or no: no preference :p

L. Least Favorite Color: maroon

M. Movie You Love: A Hard Day's Night

N. Nicknames: Jules, Jude, Queso

O. One Wish: Wishing I can smile without having to squint my eyes that it looks like I'm closing my eyes

P. Pets: a fish

Q. Quote You Love: ... I dunno

R. Relationship Status: single

S. Siblings: older sister

T. Time You Woke Up: 5 am

U. Unknown Fact About You: My sister forced me to do the duck lips so much when she took selfies of me I subconsciously do it now

V. Vacation You Loved: Going to New Zealand

W. Worst Habit: Pursing my lips and screaming alot

X. X-tra Fact About You: I drink n eat really fast

Y. YouTuber You Love: Thoughty2, Vsauce and alot more

Z. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Couldn't find the og since it's gone but I got it from https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=735979

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