im so done.

im so over bitches making everything about theirself. i swear i can be having my own conversation and theyll change the topic so its about them like not everything is about you. i swear nothing can ever be just about me. i know it sounds selfish but anytime i try to say one thing about myself im interupted, or people think what im trying to say rather its serious or not they find the fact im mad because they wont shut up for two seconds funny and wont sop laughing then get mad when i leave and beg me to come back and say sorry. well motherfucker sorry means it wont happen again and it happens everytime i try to speak. i never get a chance to speak in a conversation and when i do get to speak im stuck with apologizing because someone interrupted me. its so annoying. i wish people had more respect and could learn to shut up for once. like idc that you are happy about something, but if someone else is speaking stfu and let them speak instead of making it about you. i swear nobody has patience and its so annoying. its like they were raised by fucking heathens. honestly as much as i want to get mad at them, i know that theyll just do it again. yall bitches need to learn to stfu and learn what sorry means and learn some patience. fucking cunts.

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