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Online DBT Therapy – What It Is And How It Works?

Originally aimed to treat borderline personality disorder, DBT (Dialectical behaviour therapy) is a type of cognitive psychotherapy, which can be performed in person or online. In the modern world, where almost everyone is busy and aims to avoid road traffic, many people these days are now opting for online DHT therapy, which is turning out to be a great alternative to face-to-face consultation.

The best part about online DBT therapy is that it follows the same structure as in-person DBT to help people take advantage of the best solution regardless of their geographic distance from an in-person provider.

How Does Online DBT Therapy Work?

An important thing to note about DBT therapy is that it follows the same basic format and structure, whether performed online or in person. Typically the treatment involves weekly sessions and a group where the patients (individuals) learn and practise DBT skills. Another good thing about the DGT online therapy is that the content of this therapy is also similar to in-person, which includes a review of emotions, urges and skills used from the previous week using a tracking tool.

Online DBT Skills Groups

Many people may think that the DBT skills groups may be missing when it comes to online DHT therapy, but it’s not the case. In fact, with online therapy, the members find it easier to connect with each other as well as express their emotions online using video calling facilities such as Zoom. The therapist will help individuals with the skills as well as encourage them to take part in group activities, discussions and skill practise. It has been noticed that individuals feel more confident in online sessions, which can help in a great way.

So when you or someone you know is dealing with borderline personality disorder and needs the help of a professional therapist, opting for DBT online therapy can be a great choice for better results. This is equally effective while at the same time, it also helps reduce the stress and hassle of visiting a therapist through the traffic jam.

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