erm what the flip

im going to actually killmyself i hate myself so much and i feel like all i do is annoy everyone around me with my needyness and attention. i feel so left out and i feel like everyones last choice and i feel like im barely even wanted by my friends. i feel like nobody truly cares about me and wishes i would just leave them alone. i wish i wasnt so needy and dependent on others so i could just shut up for once in my life. i feel so alone. im going through probably one of the worst times in my life and i have nobody to help me through it. i dont even know if i can make it through without help at this point but honestly nobody would want to help me. im literally a selfish jerk that doesnt derserve any of the friends i have. literally i dont even know how i have some of the friends i do. if everyone just decided to leave me one day i wouldnt even be suprised because i would deserve it. i feel like such an attention seeker for typing this. honestly i probably am.

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bro thinks im gonna read allat

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