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I absolutely hate going to school, I dread it. I cry and whine about it all the time. I get bullied like a lot, every year of my life. I don't really know why it started. Maybe because I cry a lot, because of the way I look? My weight is something people make fun of a lot. There was never really one thing that started it, people just literally started threatening to hurt me in Kindergarten if I didn't do what they said.

I didn't know how to tell anybody. I didn't give anyone much information on it up until this year when it got much worse. At first, I just got bullied over small things, like my emotions or my weight, normal stuff. But this year, people found out a lot about me. They found my socials. They found my cosplays. They found out I was a lesbian. It made school a lot harder.

Constant rumors spread about me, I never wanted to go to school, I skipped so much and it affected my grades so poorly. But I just couldn't take all the threats and the laughing everytime I walked in the room, the name calling, all my stuff that got destroyed, the things people made up about me were insane. I felt like I had nobody, all my friends left me at the start of the year, all the friends that promised they'd stay with me, no matter how hard it got. All the friends that stood up against everyone, all my friends that helped me when I was too scared to ask for help. All gone.

I couldn't wait for the year to end, but then I made some amazing friends, friends that didn't care that everyone hated me. Friends that liked me for who I was, and didn't give a shit what other people thought. This is the closest connection I've ever had with a group of people I've known for 5 maybe 6 months. These people mean the world to me, I wont be naming anyone but A, O, S, M, R, S, O, C, R, S, C, A, M, A, D, O, S, and K, all of the friends I made between 2022-2023, you all mean the world to me, you've done so much for me and I can't thank you enough. I don't know how how I met so many wonderful people in such short time, but I love you all so so very much. You are my world.

To A, I hope you have a great time at your new school in the city, you were the first friend I made this year, the first person to come talk to me despite everything being said about me, despite the fact you thought I was scary, despite the fact nobody talked to me, you stood up and came over to my empty lunch table, you got to know me, you introduced me to all your friends. Thank you so much. I wish you the absolute best of luck at your new school, and I hope to stay in touch. I want to hang out as much as possible this summer, before you have to go.

To M, thank you for being the only person in homeroom that doesn't make me feel like absolute shit. Thank you for being the only person in homeroom that doesn't disclude me, make fun of me, throw stuff at me, damage my stuff, and take videos and pictures of me just sitting. I used to skip every P.E. class because of the people there that would bother me, but when we became friends, I looked forward to it more than anything. P.E. with you is the absolute best, you always make me feel like a part of the class and an actual human. Thank you for including me, thank you for hanging out with me, thank you for skipping with me that one time, even though you really didn't have too, you mean the world to me. I hope we keep in touch over the summer, I know I may not be one of your closest friends, but the fact that you choose to hang out with me at lunch, you choose to include me in everything, and just are overall the best means the world to me.

To S and A, thank you for being my only friends on the bus, bus rides are my favorite part of the day because of you two. I know you two aren't new friends, but I think we've definitely become closer this past year. Every other year I normally sit alone on the bus, now that we're so close I can't get a second of quiet <3 But seriously, I love you guys to bits.

To every friend listed, I know most of you wont see this on here, but I'll probably end up showing you anyway. I love you all so much and you've changed my view on school so much. I've never enjoyed this hellhole so much, you guys are my everything. Thank you, I love you. I look forward to spending summer and many more years with you guys. Xoxo

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